Pain Management Solutions Post-Lockdown

Working from home in poor postures, stress, and reduced level of activity during those months of lockdown, could all have contributed to the pain you may be experiencing now.

Petr Mach, the owner of Functional Therapy Ltd, is a different kind of personal trainer in Bournemouth. Focusing on pain-free movement, Petr uses functional patterns, an innovative method that goes beyond what the current fitness industry offers. Below we explain how exercise could reduce pain, techniques for pain management, and the benefits of functional therapy.

#1 Does Exercise Reduce Pain?

Whilst exercise is widely accepted as being crucial for our everyday health and wellbeing, it is also a known factor in helping to reduce pain.

For most suffering with pain, the idea of exercise can be daunting. The trepidation of aggravating existing pain, injuries, or the overarching fear of joining a gym can be enough for people to avoid exercise altogether and instead seek rest.

This in itself can be counterintuitive, joints and muscles stiffen and poor posture can develop. Our bodies weren’t designed to remain in seated postures for long periods of time.

Exercise can have a profound effect on not only pain-free movement but also on mental wellbeing. Less pain can lead to more positivity and an increase in energy – our bodies are naturally designed to be balanced and pain-free.

There are so many types of exercise out there, finding one that is right for you is key. From swimming to walking and running, or skiing, how do you choose? It’s usually best to discuss your needs first with a professional personal trainer, who can work with you to find the best way forwards.

WARNING: Please always check with your healthcare provider before embarking on any kind of new exercise plan.

#2 What are some pain management techniques?

Besides typical exercise, there is a vast range of pain management techniques available. Some of which can be achieved at home, whilst others require more specialist treatments.

For example, meditation and relaxation are becoming more and more accepted as viable pain management techniques and can be practised at home. Stress has a huge impact on our bodies – we tense our bodies when stressed, leading to tight strained muscles and even tension headaches. Finding ways to lessen stress, be it through meditation, mindfulness or breathing exercises, can contribute to overall pain reduction.

More specialist treatments include acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy. There are plenty of professionals that specialise in these subjects and more. To find one that’s right for you, ask friends and family for recommendations, and always do your research to ensure they are suitably qualified – many will be happy to provide telephone consultations to explain the treatments they provide and discuss their relevant experience.

WARNING: Always consult your healthcare provider to check these types of treatment are suitable, and use qualified, experienced, therapists.

#3 How Functional Patterns helps with Chronic Pain

One method that you may not have heard of is functional patterns. First designed in the US, it treats the root cause of the complaint and not just the symptoms. Using biomechanical protocols, breathing techniques, myofascial release and functional exercises, functional patterns not only helps eliminate pain, it can be hugely beneficial to athletes to restore correct motion.

Not a typical exercise program, functional therapy aims to be preventative and corrective in how our bodies move and react to external stressors. It focuses on your body as a whole – something easily forgotten when out running, lifting weights, or even sitting in front of a computer all day.

Petr Mach, a personal trainer in Bournemouth, has a vested interest in Functional Patterns. Having suffered from an injury himself during his career as a professional footballer, he felt empowered to learn about the human body and help others overcome their own injuries and pain.

Petr went on to start Functional Therapy Limited in Bournemouth in ****, where he runs one-to-one programs tailored to the individual, as well as group classes (currently unavailable due to Covid-19).

The reviews speak for themselves, with Petr described as “an excellent all round coach”, with customers saying how rewarding functional therapy is. If you want to know more, or if you’re unsure its right for you, then drop Functional Therapy Ltd. a message and see how they could help.

Functional Therapy = Life-Changing Therapy

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