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Frequently asked questions

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The main aim is to restore the natural ability of the body to function properly. By doing myofascial release, joint articulation, the aim is to trigger a self-healing process in the affected tissues. Corrective exercises will establish that change in the whole body by helping to rebalance the neuromuscular associations.

The session is a minimum of 60 minutes. However, the best option is a 120 minutes session, especially at the beginning, as there is much detail to be explained. The client needs to understand the entire process of training and actively participate in the corrective process. An ideal itinerary would be one session per week as progress would be better monitored and faster.

Of course, there will be only you and me.

Yes, you can. For cancellations made more than 24 hours prior to the session, the fee paid is transferable. If you miss or cancel your session giving less than 24 hours advance notice, full session fee will be charged.

Yes. The aim is to correct the state of imbalance or discomfort. If you follow the prescribed exercises at home the changes to your body will be achieved much sooner.

You can pay cash, by card or by bank transfer.

Red-light and near infrared light has healing properties which go deep into the tissue or superficially into the skin. Learn more...

Yes. 2 allocated parking spaces. They are generally available but not when classes are running. Additional paid public parking is available directly adjacent to the studio..

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